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"Поляна-С" - КП ЗРБР




Total quantity of air object logs received in 10 sec up to 500
Quantity of tracked targets up to 150
Quantity of interfaced objects up to 16
Quantity of objects under control up to 24
Quantity of target distribution commands generated automatically up to 80
Quantity of stored and displayed ground objects up to 300
Quantity of processed flight requests for own aircraft up to 1,000
Mission setting time 3-5 sec
Quantity of workstations 8
Open system architecture   


Reception, processing and storage of information about enemy forces and its transmission to subordinate command and control posts as necessary.
Reception of information about the status and actions of own forces  (subordinate and interacting).
Collection of information about combat readiness of subordinate units and its transmission to a higher command post.
Collection and generation of information about common air situation and its transmission to subordinate units.
Reception of combat orders and instructions from a higher command post.
Generation of combat orders and instructions to subordinate units.
Distribution and designation of targets for subordinate units.
Transmission of control commands to subordinate units and reception of reports.
Evaluation of efficiency of combat actions of subordinate forces.
Logging and documenting of combat action.
Independent and integrated training of combat crews with evaluation of their actions.


А она вообще-то была,эта Поляна-С?Вся имеющаяся информация только от папы Коппа


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